Voormalige Hanze Kwartier Windmills in Bruges Belgium 5

The Voormalige Hanze kwartier Windmills in Bruges

The way to find the Voormalige Hanze Kwartier Windmills in Bruges was a quiet walk from the city centre. I passed

Grote Markt.Grand Place Brussels Belgium 12

I Visited The Grand Place in Brussels at Midnight And I Was Surprised to See a Crowd of Hedonists

I visited the Grand Place in Brussels at midnight and I was surprised to see a crowd of hedonists there.

Groeninge Museum Brugges Belgium 6

The Finest Flemish Paintings Are Here at Groeninge Museum

At Groeninge Museum in Bruges, I’ve seen my very first Flemish paintings. That, if my memory serves me right. And these

Church of Our Lady.Notre Dame Church.Onze-LieveVrouwekerk Bruges Belgium 13

Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child is the Most-Prized Possession in the Church of Our Lady in Bruges

Michelangelo’s Madonna and Child marble sculpture is the most-prized possession of the Church of Our Lady in Bruges. In Dutch,

Grand Palace Brussels Belgium 10

I Was Looking for The Royal Palace in Brussels But I Found These Horsemen Instead

On my last afternoon, I was looking for the Royal Palace in Brussels but I found these horsemen instead. From

Belfry Tower Bruges Belgium Belfort 2

I Climbed the Belfry and This is the View of Bruges Skyline from the Top

I climbed the Belfry and this is the view of Bruges skyline from the top. Yes, you have to climb.

Basilica of the Holy Blood Bruges Belgium 6

I Saw the Blood of Christ at the Basilica of the Holy Blood

You read the title right: I saw the blood of Christ at the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges,

Atomium Brussels Belgium 11

City Panorama: View of Brussels Skyline from the Top of the Atomium

You can’t be in Brussels without visiting its most iconic structure – the Atomium. And don’t just see it from

Atomium Brussels Belgium 1

Atomium in Brussels: Is it a Tower, Building, Pyramid or Sculpture?

Atomium in Brussels is an iconic 105-meter high structure. It cannot be called a building or a tower or a

13 Bruge Voomalige Hanzekwartier Windmills Belgium

Travel Itinerary: I Spent a Day in Bruges and I did My Own Walking Tour

From Brussels, I hopped on a train to Bruges for a day and did my own walking tour. I arrived