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All the places in Asia I’ve been to.

Taj Mahal – The Monument of Love

Visiting Taj Mahal – The Monument of Love – is something you should include in your bucket list. What comes to mind when the Taj Mahal is mentioned? Love. Undying love. Yes, Taj Mahal is always synonymous with the undying love of Emperor Shah Jahan to his favorite wife. He

Six Things To Do And See in Hongkong

I’ve been to Hongkong four times in the past—and those visits weren’t really for pleasure and leisure. They were short visits that lasted only 3-4 days, just to exit mainland China and to get a new temporary visa which will be changed to working visa by my employer in Beijing.

$1-Food Challenge in Asia

Food is an essential fuel when traveling. Without it, you’ll end up like a car whose engine is nothing but crap. And dead. However, when you’re backpacking / traveling, your gastronomic sense is in full mode—you want to try the local food for the love of it, for the experience of

Panglao Beach

My friends and I went to Panglao Beach in Bohol this summer and we were so disappointed. It’s our fault. We went to the dirty part of Panglao Beach, the one near the Aloha Kew White Beach Resort. There’s nothing there that’s impressive. I’ve been to a lot of beaches

Beijing Finally Joins International Pillowfight Day!

Yes, finally! After two consecutive years of TRYING to organize and do it—it finally happened YESTERDAY, April 3, joining with the rest of more than a hundred cities around the world. WE did Beijing’s FIRST Pillowfight Day in the touristy area in Nalouguxiang sans delays and armed policemen. We’ll take

Face-changing Show

Finally, I was able to see a face-changing show in Beijing. This is one thing I promised myself that I’d never leave China without seeing one. Last week, when a friend moved our original rendezvous for dinner from Dongzhimen to a restaurant near my workplace in Jianwai Soho, Goumao, I

Christmas Eve in Beijing

Beijing was crazy last night, Christmas Eve. China, of course, doesn’t celebrate Christmas. But, in big cities, like Beijing, it has become a fad. Just a fad. Right after work yesterday, I decided to visit the St. Joseph Cathedral in Wangfujing to try my new toy, Canon 500D. As early

Beijing Santacon

Despite the windy, freezing coldness, Naughty and Nice Santas came in droves to spread holiday cheers, love, hug and alcohol to the Beijing rens. Santacon started at noon in two different Poles of Beijing: The Northwest Pole (Pyro at Wudaoko) and the Southeast Pole(The Bricks in Shuangjing). Santas from these

That’s Shanghai Magazine Couchsurfing Article

Looka, looka, looka! Last week, while I was attending a birthday dinner when a friend, Rocio, broke the news about me appearing on That’s Shanghai Magazine, March 2009 Issue. She described where she saw it and was pretty sure that it was me right there on the magazine’s Table of Contents page! With