Car Rental Tips For Europe – How to Save Money and Time

Renting a Car in Europe

Renting a Car in Europe

Renting a car in Europe is easier than you think, despite the dozens of countries and various rules and regulations. An adventure awaits, but have you already reserved your rental vehicle?

Surely, you have some worries about hiring a car in Europe, so here are some tips for renting a car that ensures you have safe, stress-free adventure.

Avoid the Airport Pickup

This is the same for pretty much anywhere you go. Airport car hire agencies are always going to charge you a premium price. In Europe, there is also a tax of anywhere from 14% to 20%. Some countries, like France, Spain, Ireland, UK, and Holland have separate charges that can cost up to US$80. Do note, though, that dropping a car off at a premium station, such as an airport, doesn’t add any extra costs.

Book in Advance

Never turn up at a car hire company upon arrival and expect to have a car. Every country has its own separate rules, meaning you might not meet the criteria. Therefore, by booking in advance with a website or app, you not only reserve the car you want, you avoid any mishaps because everything is checked and clarified ahead of time.

Renting a Car in Europe

Renting a Car in Europe

Avoid the Unnecessary Extras

Extra charges are everywhere. The one you don’t want to get slammed with is the extra driver charge. Many rental companies charge extra if more than one driver is on the contract. Others will allow for family members to drive too. Again, you can save money with a car rental comparison service website by looking at models that have less or more extras based on your needs.

Furthermore, always check for additional fees. You can lessen the price by saying you don’t need the GPS or satellite radio, for example.

Manual Transmission and Diesel Engines

In America and some other countries, automatic cars are the standard. This isn’t true in Europe. Cars are smaller, more fuel efficient, and often times come only as manual transmission and diesel models. If you don’t know how to drive stick, you might want to pick up that skill before trying to tackle snowy highways and the Autobahn.

Lern Road Rules and Driving Regulations

First off, you’re going to need an International Driver’s Permit, regardless of where you are from. Second, do your homework. Which side of the road do countries drive on? What’s the typical speed limit? Is there a fine for not wearing your seatbelt or blasting music with the windows rolled down? Also, you might want to learn the difference between tolls and vignettes—and yes, there’s a difference.

Check a nice post by Rick Steves to know more about road rules and driving regulations in Europe.

Use Smart Apps

Though you might be thinking about directly booking with one of the bigger, more well-known companies, you should check out trusted booking sites like HolidayAutos.Com. The app lets you book a car for pick-up at a customized destination well in advance (money saver), offers 24/7 customer service, no hidden fees, and free cancellation.

Apps like this one can help you get organized, save money, and time. It’s the best way to secure a rental car for your holiday in Europe.

Renting a car for Europe doesn’t have to be a hassle when there are applications like Holiday Autos available. Book in advance, secure your car, learn the rules of the road, and be ready to hop in the driver’s seat upon arrival. Once you do that, all you need to do is buckle up and have a blast.


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