Calgary Skyline – Where to See and Take the Best Photos

Calgary skyline can be seen best once you go across the Bow River from downtown. The hills on the opposite side of the city will never fail to show you the city’s panoramic views from sunrise to sundown.

Calgary Skyline Travel Blog Photos
Calgary Skyline across Bow River.

As someone who loves the city skylines, my first itinerary on my first day in Calgary was to visit the Calgary Tower. Unfortunately, when I arrived there, I was told that the tower was closed for renovation. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was looking forward to seeing the city from above before strolling around. And most of all, I wanted to see the snow-capped mountains surrounding the city. I was devastated, as you can imagine.

But, I never gave up. A friend told me to go across the river and follow the trail/footpath to see Calgary’s skyline. It might not be the same as seeing the city from above, but it was the next best thing. 

Let me show you where you can go, see and take the best shots of the Calgary skyline.

Cross Garden Shed

I started my long afternoon stroll around the city from the Cross Garden Shed. From here, you’ll find a small lake. Go to the end of it and find the rock where I stood, and pose. 😉

Cross Garden Shed Calgary Skyline Travel Blog
Calgary Skyline from the Cross Garden Shed (Alberta, Canada).

George King Bridge

A few steps from the Cross Garden Shed, you’ll find the George King Bridge. Walk across the bridge but stop in the middle to admire the city’s skyline from a different perspective. The cascading sound of the river is music to the ears.

King George Bridge Calgary Skyline Travel Alberta Canada
Calgary skyline from George King Bridge.

Go Under the Bridge

Calgary Skyline Travel Hostel Hotel
The Bow River and the skyline of Calgary.

Oh yes! When you reach the end of the George King Bridge, find a small path downward. Go under and be closer to the turquoise-colored Bow River.

Bow River Pathway

Calgary Views Take Photo Skyline Travel Canada
Follow the Bow River Pathway for these spectacular views.

Start following the Bow River Pathway / Trail. As you move along the riverbank, your perspective of the city’s skyline changes, too. Some hidden buildings become visible, and some visible ones become hidden.

Bow River Pathway Bridge

Alberta Calgarya Bow River Pathway
At Bow River Pathway Bridge.

You will be passing by some bridges while treading along the Bow River Pathway. However, when you reach the Lazy Day Raft Rentals, you’re also at the Bow River Pathway Bridge.

The Lookout on Top of the Stairs at McHugh Bluff

Lookout McHugh Bluff Bow River Things to do
The views of Calgary from the Lookout on McHugh Bluff.

Now, from the Bow River Pathway Bridge, do not cross in the direction of downtown. Look behind you, and you will find a series of steps on the hill. Follow the footpath to the mound and climb the 167 steps. I guarantee that the views from up there will take your breath away.

Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge Photo Travel Things to do
The spectacular Peace Bridge in Calgary.

Go down from McHugh Bluff and walk back to the Bow River Pathway Bridge. Continue your leisurely stroll – all the way to the Peace Bridge.

Tyndale Park

Tydale Park Sunset Things to Do Hotel Hostel
Sunset from Tyndale Park in Calgary.

I finished my stroll at 6:30 in the afternoon. The sun was still up – so I decided to Google where to watch the sunset with the view of Calgary’s skyline. I came across Tyndale Park. It was a long walk from Peace Bridge, but because I am a sunset fan, I decided to go and visit the park. And yes, the views from up there didn’t disappoint me.

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Calgary is a good starting point to explore Banff and Jasper. If you don’t drive, I’d recommend taking a tour of all the sights in Banff and Jasper. You can find some of the tours that you might like here.


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