This is What The Bund in Shanghai Looks Like on October Holiday in China

This is what The Bund in Shanghai looks like on the October holiday in China. As you know, this year, China celebrates its 70th Founding Anniversary. The holiday always falls on October 1-7. A weekend before that, government workers across the country have to work on Saturday and Sunday to make up for the two days during the holiday. I know it’s weird, but that is just how it works here.

The Bund in Shanghai Looks Like on October Holiday in China
This is What The Bund in Shanghai Looks Like on October Holiday in China

During the holiday, security across the country, especially in touristy places, is tripled. Chinese do travel during this week; thus, it’s a crazy time to be in/with a vast crowd everywhere you go.

The Bund in Shanghai Looks Like on October Holiday in China
This is What The Bund in Shanghai Looks Like on October Holiday in China.
Traveling around China during this week is not a good idea. Especially in big cities like Shanghai.
Policemen in China
This is What The Bund in Shanghai Looks Like on October Holiday in China.

However, I still did. 😉 Why? Because I didn’t want to be stuck in my current city. I need to get away.

crowd on October holiday in China
The crowd at waitan.

Sightseeing was the least of my priority. I just wanted to be in a new town, a new milieu, or somewhere unfamiliar to me. I do mind the crowd, but there are ways to avoid them. Never go to places where tourists go. And if I wanted to go there, I beat the crowd by waking up early to explore the area with only a few tourists.

Things to do in Shanhai
Can you compete with this crowd?

When you are in Shanghai, you’ve got to visit The Bund early in the morning, late afternoon, and at night. The photos in this blog post will show you what The Bund looks like when it is crowded at peak times. I was there one late afternoon and through the evening.

Shanghai view skyline
Shanghai Skyline from the Bund.
I have to say though that I was very impressed by how Shanghai Police officers handled the crowd.
Police in Shanghai China
The police officers efficiently managed the foot traffic.

They led them efficiently in one direction to ensure foot and transport traffic was in order.

Police in China
The crowd during October holiday is massive.

On the other hand, the massive crowd complied with ease, but a few were the black sheep. 😀

Things to do in Shanhai
October holiday in China is a week-long event.

Also known as waitan, The Bund is a long promenade by the Huangpu River.

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The Oriental Pearl TV Tower is the most prominent tower across the Huangpu River.

The promenade serves as the viewing platform for the modern Shanghai skyline.

Shanghai Skyline Things to do Hotel
The famed skyline of Shanghai.

The skyline itself looks futuristic.

Skyscrapers China Shanghai
The skyscrapers across the Huangpu River in Shanghai.

It can rival those skyscrapers you see in New York, Hongkong, Chicago, or Dubai.

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The crowd waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

The skyscrapers across the Huangpu River is China’s symbol of economic power.

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Look at that!

Thus, for many, Shanghai deserves to be called China’s financial capital.

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Can you compete with this crowd?

Aside from the city’s towering landmarks, behind you are rows of colonial buildings.

tourist attractions in Shanghai
The Bund is called waitan by the locals.

The British used to settle here and at one point, the area became a trading place for international traders.

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Enjoy the crowd. 😉

Today, however, there are rows of hotels that are competing each other for the famed city view.

Things to do in China
Go there in the morning if you want to avoid the crowd.

On both sides of the river, rooftop bars are common in almost every business establishment.

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Hotel / Hostel in Shanghai

Wherever you stay in Shanghai, you are certainly accessible to any public transport. So, it doesn’t really matter because the city’s public transport is one of the best in the world. This time, no hostel for me. I stayed at Penta Hotel by Zhongshan Park. I got a good deal during the holiday week – and I couldn’t be happier about my experience here. Zhongshan Park metro is just two minutes on foot and groceries, shops, and malls are just around the area.

However, if you wanna stay in a hostel close to the city centre, the Phoenix, near People Square should be your choice. Captain Hostel, too, is a great choice for its patio restaurant/bar overlooking the Shanghai skyline. You can book these two hostels through HostelWorld, and Booking. For other hostels, check out this list of Top 10 hostels in Shanghai. For hotel accommodations, TripAdvisor and Expedia have many choices, too.


VPN in China

Remember that while most hotels in China have free access to wifi, it is recommended that you install your own VPN to access your social media accounts.

Buying Train Tickets Online in China

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