Picture-Perfect British Honeymoon Destinations: A Guide

You don’t necessarily have to leave the country to have an incredible honeymoon. After all, depending on what time of year you get married, you dream location may be experiencing its own winter climate, or you may not be the type of couple who enjoy lazing on the beach for days on end. While Britain has its own share of conventional honeymoon hotspots, it also has plenty of unique opportunities for couples who are looking for something a little different.

British Honeymoon Destinations / Hotel in Cornwall
Cornwall is one of the perfect British Honeymoon Destinations / Photo credit: Danilo D’Agostino


Over the years, Cornwall has become accustomed to the fact that visitors are coming to its seaside towns for a healthy combination of luxurious seafood, comfortable seaside cottages, and breath-taking coastal walks. The English Riviera peaks around this southwest region and is an ideal place for some relaxation and indulgence after your wedding. Portscatho Holidays will allow you to pick and choose the features you want in your honeymoon rental home, ensuring that your getaway is tailored to your requirements.

The Lake District

British Honeymoon Destinations
Old Man of Storr, Portree, United Kingdom / Photo credit: Matt Thornhill / British Honeymoon Destinations

If you’re after stunning expanses of water, stone cottages that look like they belong in a movie and breath-taking hilltop views, then the Lake District should absolutely be on your honeymoon destination list. With its UNESCO World Heritage Site status, this area has been the source of inspiration for many historical figures. Whether you’re a couple who likes to get out and about or one that prefers luxury with a view, this is certainly a place to consider. 


Edinburgh is one of the picture-perfect British Honeymoon Destination / Photo credit: Emran Yousof / British Honeymoon Destinations

For many people, what constitutes as ‘romantic’ in terms of cities is the quality of the architecture. In both Edinburgh’s old and new towns, the design and feel of this outstanding arts city is the stuff of fairy tales. With book shops on twisty cobbled lanes and gin distilleries where you can create your own bespoke spirit, this city is both sophisticated and enchanting. The old town is perfect for quaint gift shops and restaurants, whereas the new town offers a spacious place to spend time in art galleries and do some retail therapy.

Picture-Perfect British Honeymoon Destination Bath UK Hotel
Bath is one of the picture-perfect British Honeymoon Destination / Photo credit: K. Mitch Hodge/ British Honeymoon Destinations


If you’re looking to be pampered while you’re on your honeymoon, then Bath has a history of being a city of leisure. Its Roman hot springs are still working to this day, and you’ll find plenty of modern leisure spas while you’re there. This city is said to be the ultimate place to spoil yourself; the views of its architecture, renowned local pastries, and boutique shops make it the ideal place to relax and unwind on your honeymoon. If you want to feel refined, explore some historical sites, but make sure you get your fair share of pampering and relaxing as Bath has it all. 

When it comes to honeymoons, sometimes it pays to think closer to home. Britain has its own fair share of ancient architecture, gin distilleries, and thermal spas. If you want to save on flights but enjoy a place that’s just as romantic as any European city, then picking a city that excels in luxury will provide you an equally indulgent getaway that’s not too far from home.


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