Bookaway Review: Ground And Sea Travel Made Easy

Traveling around the world has become a lot easier over the last few years. You can find flights through simple Google searches, use or Airbnb for accommodation, and swipe your debit or credit card for purchases in foreign currencies. But travel within foreign countries can be difficult. Finding the best way to get between cities or islands if confusing, with few comprehensive sources of information.

This is where Bookaway comes in. Bookaway is an online aggregator and booking platform for ground and sea travel. It shows you the best ways to travel between cities and islands, with just a click to take you through the booking process itself.

Does Bookaway live up to its lofty claims? This review of the platform will hopefully shed some light on whether you should use it.

Bookaway Review: Ground And Sea Travel Made Easy / Photo credit: JK

Comprehensive options for each route

When you select a route, along with the date on which you intend to travel, Bookaway will give you a comprehensive list of options for how to get there. These include ground and sea transport, such as trains, buses, cars, and ferries. The different options are displayed with all the details you need.

You’ll find details such as price, the amount of time it will take, as well as different amenities. Bookaway tells you if WiFi is available, whether there are VIP or luxury options, and whether there are bathrooms onboard.

It won’t tell you what the obvious choice is, as it really depends on you. If you are prone to seasickness, for example, you may want a slower ferry, even if it means getting to your destination much later.

Bookaway Review Travel Blog
Bookaway Review: Ground And Sea Travel Made Easy

The booking process

The booking process is incredibly straightforward. You choose the option that is best for you and click on it, and you’ll go right to the booking page. Enter your personal information and payment details. Within a couple more clicks, you will have booked your ticket.

Bookaway will email you all your information, along with contact details to call if you need to cancel or change your booking. They have a flexible cancellation policy – when it comes to travel, things can quickly go wrong.

Customer service

This is why customer care is so important, and here Bookaway excel. They offer 24/7 support, which is reassuring for those of us who know setbacks can happen at the last minute. The last thing you want when you miss your ride is to call a number where no one picks up.

Bookaway’s agents not only explain whether a refund is possible but will also find the best alternative for you. They won’t leave you stuck in a place in which you don’t know the language or have anyone else you can call.

Bookaway Review: Ground And Sea Travel Made Easy
Bookaway is mostly comprehensive in Mexico and South America. / Photo above is at Excaret in Riviera Maya in Mexico.


Bookaway will provide details and booking options for most routes around Europe, but they are mostly comprehensive in Mexico and South America. When traveling in this region, especially during the summer, you will find a massive number of options, which cater to your every whim.

I hope that this Bookaway review helps you in deciding your future trips. Bookaway is a really useful tool for booking ground and sea transport. I highly recommend it and know of no alternative that is nearly as comprehensive.


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