Belvedere Palace in Vienna Will Take Your Breath Away

The Belvedere Palace in Vienna will take your breath away. It’s one of those magnificent palaces in Europe that is as fascinating as its history. The palace compound has two Baroque palaces: the Orangery (Upper Belvedere) and the Palace Stables (Lower Belvedere).

Belvedere Palace in Vienna Will Take Your Breath Away
The Belvedere Palace in Vienna Will Take Your Breath Away.

Between these two palaces are wonderful and well-manicured gardens. It’s free to go into the palace ground, but if you decide to go inside these palaces, you have to pay. I was not able to go inside because I arrived at 5:30 PM, and they closed at 4PM.

Belvedere Palace in Vienna
The Belvedere Palace in Vienna Will Take Your Breath Away (Austria).

Here’s what I found out about the Belvedere Palace in Vienna.

Belvedere Palace in Vienna Things to do
The entrance of Belvedere Palace in Vienna (Austria).

It was built as a summer home

Sculptures in Europe Gardens
The gardens at the Palace are attractions in their own right.

In the 18th century, Johann Lukas Von Hildebrandt constructed this magnificent palace for Prince Eugene of Savoy. Not a home apparently, but a colossal palace that was solely built for the leisure of Prince Eugene in summer.

It was outside the city gates

Fountain at Belvedere Austria
The palace is stunning on a beautiful summer day.

Although it is located inside Vienna, it wasn’t always like this. The city back then was a small walled area and this palace was situated outside its premises – outside the city gate that is.

Home to works of the masters

lower belvedere palace austria
The works of the masters await inside the palace museums.

The castle is lined with beautiful portraits from the Middle Ages. More than this, what really attracts tourists from around the world is the largest collection of Gustav Klimt adorning its halls and museum. Schiele and Kokoschka’s masterworks are also honored here.

Man with a horse sculptures Europe Austria
Don’t blink your eyes on the sculptures on the palace ground.
Outside, you will find amazing sculptures that demand your attention.

The gardens are still the same

gardens palace Austria
The patterns of the gardens can be dizzying to look at.

There is a lavish garden between the Upper and Lower Belvedere that was designed by D. Girard. They are almost untouched design-wise and thus, they retain the same character as they did decades ago.

One of the most visited attraction in Vienna

Things to do in Vienna Hotel Hostel
The Upper Belvedere is a Baroque-styled Palace.

Vienna has other attractions as well, but tourists find this palace and Schonbrunn Palace irresistibly appealing. It receives so many tourists per year.

Baroque building in Europe
There are many Baroque palaces in Europe.

If you are in Vienna for a day, this palace is walking distance from the main train station.

It has been restored several times

Hotel Hostel in Vienna things to do
This is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Vienna.

The current pomp and show of the palace are because it is maintained by the authorities. Had it not been for them, it would have been destroyed completely by the 1945 war and 1950 fire.

Lower Belvedere is the most important

Belvedere Palace in Vienna Will Take Your Breath Away
In summer, the flower gardens bloom.

Prince Eugene had a liking for the Lower Belvedere and therefore, his apartments or residential rooms are located there. The once operational stables are now used to display 150 precious objects belonging to the medieval ages.

hostel hotel in Austria
Don’t forget to look up.

Hostel / Hotel in Vienna

I stayed at a&o Wien Hauptbahnhof which is just 5 minutes walk from Vienna Central Train Station. You can book it via Booking.comTripadvisorHostelWorld, and Expedia

Belvedere Palace in Vienna Will Take Your Breath Away
Yes, you can talk to the sculptures! 😀

I intended to stay here because I had an early train going to Bratislava. The rooms I was assigned was very spacious and bunk beds are arranged comfortably. The staff members are friendly and the hostel itself is clean. Since it’s close to the station, there are cafes and grocery stores in the area and very accessible to public transport. If you’re not in a budget, here are some hotels where you can stay.

Belvedere Palace in Vienna Will Take Your Breath Away
The palace is, obviously, photogenic!


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