Beijing Finally Joins International Pillowfight Day!

Yes, finally!

After two consecutive years of TRYING to organize and do it—it finally happened YESTERDAY, April 3, joining with the rest of more than a hundred cities around the world.

WE did Beijing’s FIRST Pillowfight Day in the touristy area in Nalouguxiang sans delays and armed policemen.

We’ll take you from ancient to modern China!

Before the pillowfight started, I was video interviewed by someone who documented the event and I’m guessing a foreign correspondent someplace. I am famous. Hahahaha…

Beijing Pillowfight Day.

Beijing Pillowfight Day.

We started few minutes after 3:00 p.m. As soon as we heard the whistle, the fight started. Ten of us fought in frolic and in between gasping for breath.

The people and the passersby in the crowded Nalouguxiang were watching, of course, with confusing eyes at first—and as soon as they figured out what we were doing, they had fun watching us—with their videos and cameras.

Amidst honking cars and cyclists passing by, in between our fights, we were in high spirits and fought like kids on the street having so fun. It nice to be kids again!

The fight lasted for 15 minutes. It was exhausting but it’s a good way to stay fit—than staying at home and tinkering your laptop keys. 😉

We ended up the fight with no police intervention this time. I think they had an afternoon siesta or break when we had the pillow violence.

Though, personally, I am SAD they didn’t come. Really. I want them to be there and witness in their own eyes that pillowfight is harmless, unless, of course, you fill it in with stones. They should be aware of such event and that there’s nothing to worry about. They shouldn’t worry because it causes ugly wrinkles and they don’t look good on their green / dark blue uniform. :))

But, then, I am also a bit happy they didn’t come. If they did, they could have halted the event and who know what would happen.

Beijing Pillowfight Day.

Beijing Pillowfight Day.

 I am glad that before I’ll leave this city, I have stories to tell to those who are willing to listen to my pllowfight stories in the future.

I am glad I was there in March 2008 when the event was “cancelled” and gladder that I was at the first ever pillowfight in April 2010.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am history. Hahahahaha…

Beijing Pillowfight Day.

Beijing Pillowfight Day.


On March 22, 2008, my friends and I were at THE PLACE Shopping Mall to attend such event—which never happened due to police intervention. Ten police cars came and dozens of policemen closely guarding and monitoring the area while more than a hundred pillow fighters who showed up there were just confused on what the hell were those cars for? There were even parents who brought their children with them!

Pillowfight is HARMLESS, unless, of course, you’re gonna put stones in your pillow! 🙂

It was so strange. A young policemen who seemed agitated came up to me and asked what’s my problem. It was a really weird question for me who was just standing there holding my pillow. He asked me series of questions like how I did know about the event, what website, how many people are coming, what are we going to do, what is pillow fight, yada, yada, yada, yada…..

Beijing Pillowfight Day.

Beijing Pillowfight Day.

They only told us that “the pillowfight is cancelled.” Reasons? They’re the only ones who knew. A policewoman said that the organizers should have gotten a permit to do such event because The Place Shopping Mall is a public place. But, when one of us asked her if we can do it in the park, she said MAYBE. So, the park is NOT a public place?

Reasons could be: They thought we were trying to be political. Or it had something to do with Teebet or Taiwan–which is, of course, NOT SO TRUE!

TWO DAYS LATER, my students sent me a text message telling me that I was on the newspaper. I hurriedly went down and looked for the Beijing Youth Daily newspaper and tadaaaaaa….. the photographer singled out our group to be “the face of the pillowfight.”

Memorable. :))

Here’s the news article translated by my student. I decided NOT to correct his English for I might “misinterpret” him. 🙂

Beijing Pillowfight Day.

Beijing Pillowfight Day.


“Pillows Wars” first landing Beijing plans were failed—Recently, a netizen called the “pillow Wars” posts in various popular websites. However, due to police intervention, “pillows war” has not started.

Yesterday, around 15:00,Nearly 10 police cars parked in the square in front of the shopping mall.Lots of police and security maintained order at the scene,and asked other people to leave.

These people see the “pillow Wars” on the Internet and go to there. However, in these web-sites, there is no mention of the organizers.

The citizen Miss Zhang said:she did not participate in the “pillows war” before,and didn’t understand this activity,but she feels this is very stimulating activities,She would also like to participate.

However, this activity ultimately did not start.A Police said : this large-scale activities must be approved by the government. They believe that, too many people caused the accidents easily. They are to consider the safety of the customers.

Although feel regret, but people are with the police, leaving the scene. We still feel: safety first, second game !

We’ll take you from ancient to modern China!

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