Beijing City Bus Tour

Yesterday was a beautiful day!

There were immaculate clouds decorating the blue sky. It was an exact opposite of the thunderous and rainy weather a day before that.

And what a better way to explore Beijing by using up the City Bus Tour tickets we won from the Beijing Pub Quiz last Sunday at The Tun Bar!

We were picked up by the bus at China World Hotel in Guomao at 7:00 pm.

On the dot.

And I was impressed.

We thought there’s gonna be a lot of people, but, holy mackerel, we were the only ones: 6 fabulous people in a huge, brand new tourist bus.

After settling ourselves in a very comfortable seat, we snaked through the traffic in Jianguomen while our tour guide, Liz, untangled the architectural stories behind the skyscrapers and other edifices around the area.

At some point, she would stop because nobody was listening to her. We were all busy camwhoring, shuttering our cameras nonstop.

It’s relishing the moment, rather than, excitement.

Generally speaking, the tour was not really new to me. The places we passed all looks familiar to me. And even if there’s a quiz show about Beijing, I’m sure, I’m not gonna end up a loser. I’ll bring home another prize.

The only difference is that, we explored the city in a comfortable bus, a thing I’ve never done in my 4 years stay in Beijing.

No, we didn’t stop anywhere.

It was just like driving around with your own chauffeur, watching cars and people, one fine afternoon in summer.

This City Bus Tour is only for those who’d just drop by Beijing for a day and catch up the next connecting flight somewhere.

And well, also, if you are willing to pay 380 kuai. 😉

Our tour guide has impeccable English and very well-versed about everything in the city. She even knows some haunted house somewhere in Chaoyangmen and historical facts I’ve never read in travel guide books.

And what a tour guide she is! She even knows where Destination, the only gay bar in Beijing, is!

And, yes, she has been there coupla times and confessed that she likes the mojito there!

Hmmmnnn… what do you think?

Nah, I’m not into women, you know…?


Below are the pictures I’ve taken worth showing. They are mostly in Tiananmen Square area, the heart of this bustling capital.

Jianwai Soho Beijing City Bus Tour.

Jianwai Soho / Beijing City Bus Tour.

An afternoon in Jianwai Soho.
Beijing City Bus Tour.

Beijing City Bus Tour.

Jianguomen Street
Beijing Traffic Beijing City Bus Tour.

beijing Traffic / Beijing City Bus Tour.

Still in Jianguomen Street

It was a very spectacular sunset when we passed by the building where Mao’s iconic photo hangs.

Beijing City Bus Tour.

Beijing City Bus Tour.

Ahh… is this really Beijing?

Of course, it is Beijing! Looka!

Beijing City Bus Tour.

Beijing City Bus Tour.

By the South gate of the Tiananmen Square

Qianmen Beijing City Bus Tour.

Qianmen Area / Beijing City Bus Tour.

Qianmen area

Tiananmen Square / Beijing City Bus Tour.

Tiananmen Square / Beijing City Bus Tour.


Beijing City Bus Tour

Beijing City Bus Tour

Our bus dropped us at Sanlitun around 8:11 in the evening. It was such a short ride.An hour and eleven minutes. Exactly.

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