Bahrain Skyline at Night

Last weekend, a colleague and I went to Manama to renew our working visa from another Gulf country. I’ve been to Bahrain 4 times already and I stayed 3-4 nights in each visit. There’s nothing much to do in Bahrain, really. You can even explore the whole country in half a day!

Manama is called “Saudi Bar” by the local Saudis I know who have been here. When they want to have “fun”, they go to Bahrain. Sure, shopping in Bahrain is great, too! They have shopping malls everywhere! And oh, even if the shops claim that their items are on sale, the prices are still bad for your wallet. Every single thing is overpriced.

On our second day in the city, my colleague rented a car and we drove around the city. Traffic was freakin’ terrible and it’s so hard to find a gas station in a country whose economy depends on gas! And even the locals didn’t know where the nearest gas station was! We asked twice, but none knew. So we went around and around until we spotted one! 😀

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We ended our day at the bay where we could see Bahrain skyline at night, across the water. Enjoy these photos.

Bahrain Skyline at Night (Manama).
Bahrain Skyline at Night (Manama).
Bahrain Skyline at Night (Manama).
Skyline at Night (Manama, Bahrain).
Things to do in Bahrain
Manama cityscape after sunset
Bahrain cityscape after sunset
Manama cityscape after sunset

Hotel in Old Manama

Bahrain is not a pedestrian-friendly city. So, to maximize your time, I would suggest that you stay in the Old Manama area. Delmon International Hotel is right on a busy street full of shops of all sorts, restaurants, and cafes. Bahrain’s most famous gold market is just right across the street. Many of the cultural things you want to do/see in the city are here. The hotel has its own swimming pool, bar, restaurant, and a massage place.


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