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Philadelphia: Independence Hall

America’s humble beginning can be seen in the simplicity of the interior of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. There’s nothing much there that shows power, glamour and grandiosity. When you go inside, all you see were antique furniture that were once used by the great American leaders: [easyazon_link asin=”0812979486″ locale=”US” new_window=”yes”

Freedom Sculpture in Philadelphia

Zenos Frudakis is the mastermind behind this FREEDOM SCULPTURE in Philadelphia. When looking, or staring, at it for a moment of silence, you will definitely, instantly recognize the feeling of “breaking free” from something or anything that’s holding you for a long time.   Philadelphia Guide Book Cheap flights to

Philadelphia: Elfreth Alley

Elfreths Alley is Americas oldest inhabited alley since 1702! Currently, there are 32 houses that is believed to built since 1728 and 1836! And yes, there ARE still people living here unto this day! Though some are obviously renovated, the houses architectural styles faithful to its original. They are well-preserved

Philadelphia’s Panorama from the City Hall Tower

As soon as we arrived in Philadelphia, we deposited our backpacks at the 30th Street Station lockers because our couchsurfing host would meet us later that afternoon–and so we have to use the first few hours of the afternoon exploring a small part of the city, climbing to the top

The City Hall of Philadelphia

“Returning home, riding down Market Street in an open summer car, something detaind us between Fifteenth and Broad, and I got out to view better the new three-fifths built marble edifice, the City Hall, of magnificent proportions–a majestic and lovely show there in the moonlight–all flooded over, facades, myriad silver-white

Philadelphia and Benjamin Franklin

Philadelphia and Benjamin Franklin are synonymous. The latter is everywhere, from statues to memorials and other tributes. Philadelphia is the fifth most populous city in the United States. It is known as the New York City of the East–which I don’t doubt. Most of all, it is known as the

Washington DC: Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is a good place to begin your tour at the National Mall. . Due to its enormous size, the National Mall is best explored by bike than walking from one spot to another. It’s overwhelming to see all of them in one day–unless, of course, you are staying

The Protester at White House

This protester at White House has been in front of the government building since summer started. He’s passionate at what he does and answers any questions anyone would throw at him. He stays calm, conversationalist to the hundreds of tourists everyday who came to see the White House and the police

Washington DC – The White House

The White House is huge when you see it on TV but in real life, it’s kinda small actually. But, yeah, it’s white! 😂 There’s a free White House tour but you’ve got to book it three months before your scheduled visit with the help of your embassy in Washington

Woodrow Wilson House in Washinton DC

Washington DC’s only Presidential Museum is the home of Woodrow Wilson – an educator, president and world statesman. He’s the 28th President of the United States. He is famous for founding the League of Nations ( the modern United Nations?) and shaped the modern US presidency. His public career and

The Hope Diamond

When I heard that the Hope Diamond is on display at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, I was—excited. In fact, very excited. Why? I love trivia. And intriguing stories. It is believed that anyone who owned or wore the diamond would experience the bad curse that came with it.

National Museum of American History

My co-backpacker and I went inside the National Museum of American History but didn’t really stay long. It’s kinda boring to me. I kind of know most of the ones on display. I think, the museum staff and personnel MUST think of another new, novel way on how to present

Washington DC: National Air and Space Museum

The best thing about Washington DC’s major tourist attractions are FREE. I’m talking about the ones in and around the National Mall where everything you’ve got to see as a tourist are in one place. The National Air and Space Museum is no exception. Of all the places around the

War Memorial in Washington DC

With a number of wars that America was involved in/with, it is but fitting to honour the brave men and women who fought for the freedom of the oppressed. WORLD WAR II MEMORIAL This World War II Memorial is a massive tribute to honour the dead–and with a price tag

Dupont Circle Area and Kalorama

I was hosted by two couchsurfers around Dupont Circle known for its Embassy Row. Strolling around the area gives a tourist a glimpse of Washington, DC’s past wealth, affluence and beautiful view (kalorama). The streets are filled with flags of different countries outside their embassy buildings while on others parts–restaurants,