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Algonquin Park Fall Colors

By this time, you’re already tired of looking at my spectacular Algonquin Park Fall colors shots. But, keep your jealousy to yourself. I have my own. LOL… I promise this is going to be the last entry of fall colours taken from Algonquin Park. I just couldnt resist sharing the

Algonquin Park – The Canoer

“Good morning”, he said. He greeted me with a bright smile enough to warm me up from the crispy morning temperature. Its 7:00 in Algonquin Park and the world was sheathed in autumn mist. The hazy hills and dales nearby are nowhere in sight and I had the feeling that,

Algonquin Park Fall Colours: The Lookout Trail

At the Lookout Trail in Algonquin Park, there’s a great fall colours that await hikers and visitors. It’s not really hard to fall in-love with a place thats as gorgeous as Algonquin Park—in Fall. The whole park is on fire with burning hues of red, orange, yellow and green. The

Quebec City: Observatoire de la Capitale

Observatoire de la Capitale in Quebec City offers a 360 degrees view of the city where half is a blast from the past and the other half is a picture of modernization. Up there, youll see rivers, mountains, bridges, spires and mazes of streets below. While going around in full

The Old Quebec: Within the Citadel

I had no idea that Old Quebec City is a city within a wall–just like Xian and Pingyao, two ancient cities in China. Thus, the city within is called “Old Quebec” where tourists and visitors would mostly find all the things they must see in one of Noth Americas oldest cities.

Quebec City – Chateau Frontenac

Intimidatingly sturdy right in the heart of Old Quebec, Chateau Frontenac towers above all other buildings. Its nestled right on a hill overlooking the St. Lawrence River that extends to Montreal. Its Quebec City’s most prominent landmark and, perhaps, a favorite resting/nesting place for those who can afford luxury. The

Montreal: La Banquise Poutine

Poutine (Yeah, it can be pronounced as Putin. Hehehehehe…) is french fries drowned in special kind of sauce and cheese curd. And when in Montreal, a visit to La Banquise in Mont Royal area is ALWAYS worth a visit to savor its delicious poutine featured in many travel books. Dont

Quebec City – Montmorency Falls

When visiting Montmorency Falls, a few minutes ride by bus from Quebec City, anyone will always be reminded that this Falls is nearly 100 feet higher than Niagara Falls in southern Ontario. Every brochure, every tourist guide, every Quebecois would say that with pride. “It is a splendid introduction to

Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia

The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia is a testament that the locals really love food, oh, glorious food! Dont be fooled by the name. No, its not a place where you can sip your cappucino and read your papers or Fifty Shades of Grey. Its actually a food market. Its under

Cathedral Basilica of St Peter and St Paul

The Cathedral Basilica of St Peter and St Paul displays power and might common to grand Catholic Churches around the world. Iyes, i’s a Cathedral and a Basilica named after of two Saints: Peter and Paul in the Catholic religion. The facade’s brownstone structure is marvelous and wait until you

The Statue of Diana at Museum of Arts

Diana is the Greek goddess of the moon and protector of the young. This Statue of Diana, the Huntress was once the highest sculpture in New York City that rose 347 feet above street level. Its a masterpiece of Augustus Saint-Gaudins, an Irish-born American who intended to place the statue

The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Museum of Arts is huuugeeee!!! And its awesome—if you have never been to huge museums before. Since I already did, so it was kind of ok to me. They all have the expected things/antiques/arts to see in a museum of arts. European art with religious themes are already boring

The Masonic Temple in Philadelphia

Just a stone throw away from Philadelphia’s City Hall is the Masonic Temple–in its gray boring structure–that’s how it looks outside. At least to me. The reason why I went inside was that Ive never been to one. Ive heard of freemasons and in fact, I have friends who are

Love is in the Park in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, LOVE is in the park. Yes, love is in the middle of a park with the tall, proud fountain swooning over it. Love, in Philly, is immortalized as a sculpture. The LOVE statue never fails to attract everyone. The locals are proud of this citys landmark. I bet