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Top 10 Spectacular Things to Do and See in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand known as the City of Angels. Most tourists enter the country at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport and will pass through it prior to going off to other popular destinations such as Phuket, Koh Chang, Pattaya, and Chiang Mai. Bangkok is also famous for

Winter Wonderland in Blue Mountain

My first sojourn in 2013 is exploring the freezing Blue Mountain for a day. Well, only four hours, to be exact. The bus was late for 30 minutes and the driver wasn’t even apologetic. There was no apology issued or even an announcement from the customer service that our bus

My 2012 Travels

Soon, we’ll all be saying adieu to 2012. I can look back at the current year and remember half of it, mostly, the trips I’ve done. At least I visited two countries this year: USA (for the 2nd time) and Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. JANUARY 2012 (Montreal)  I rang

The Marilyn Monroe Building in Missasauga

Who would ever have thought that Marilyn Monroe would be immortalized as a curvy piece of architecture wrapped in steel and glass? Not just one but two. In Missasauga. Where? In Missasauga! Where is that? Well, it’s in Ontario Province. In Canada? Oh, I see. These twin Absolute Towers (as

The Great Wall of China

Sunrise at the Great Wall of China is one view that would forever be etched in my memory. The serenity from where I stood to take this pic is reflected in the rugged terrains of the landscape where the ancient wall is snaking through its way up, as if reaching

Old Montreal

A visit to Montreal wont ever be complete without walking on the cobblestoned streets of Old Montreal where the first arrivals of the city settled, minutes walk from the St. Lawrence River where a port was established and is still serving the locals and tourists. In summer, the port and

Montreal Panorama at Night

Therese are photos of Montreal Panorama at Night. I think, there’s nothing more romantic in Montreal than watching the citys panorama of glimmering lights and a luminous moon that hangs on a deep, dark night sky–while your lovers arms are wrapped around your waist or his fingers caressing your hair

Montreal – View from Mont Royal Chalet

This is the view from Mont Royal Chalet in Montreal. Montreal got its name from a mountain, Mont Royal. When youre up there at Mont Royal Chalet, youll be greeted by the sweeping panorama of the city–as if youre just sipping your morning coffee in your own front porch. Though

Montreal: Notre Dame Basilica at Night

Notre Dame Basilica at night in Montreal is an outstanding piece of Gothic architecture. To see whats inside the church where Celine Dion got married in a lavish ceremony and with impeccable line up of entourage here. If you think the facade is beautiful at night, you should see it during

Montreal: Latin Quarter

Montreal Latin Quarter is bustling with life of different dimensions—and I mean it in a good way. Its the melting pot of all kinds of hedonists, from the backpackers to yuppies to socialites. I tried 4 restaurants in the area and theyre just ok. But, dont take my word for

Montreal Gay Village

A street with three names: Montreal Gay Village, The Village and Le Village Gai. Getting off at Beaudry Metro Station, the village is a vibrant neighborhood of everything fabulous along St. Catherines Street. In summer, the village is closed to cars to promote the local businesses that serve in the area.

Chudleighs Apple Picking Farm

Chudleighs Apple Picking Farm is in Milton, Ontario. On Thanksgiving Day last week, a family invited me for an apple picking in the outskirts of Toronto (30 minutes drive). But, when we arrived there, only the shop was open—the apple farm was fenced, a.k.a., closed for apple pickers. So, we

Niagara Falls White Water Walk

For $11, the half-mile walk along the raging waters of Niagara Falls that runs up north, is not worth it. No, I dont mean its not worth visiting. It is. Its just too damn expensive for such very short walk where you cant even swirl your fingers into the water

Cheltenham Badlands in Fall

Cheltenham Badlands is a badass soil. Its deprived of lush vegetation and formed into shiny, bald reddish rolling hills and in between narrow trenches that go down unto the rich soil satiated with lush foliage. A short scenic drive (be awed by the fall colours) from Toronto, the Badlands is