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Photo of the Day – Red O Torii in Miyajima

Japan’s third most visited tourist attraction is Miyajima Island. The O Torii, The Grand Gate, is a gargantuan landmark that visitors would first see from afar. As the ferry comes closer, the red gate looks admirably stunning. When you get near it, the giant structure dwarfs everyone around. The closer

Chinese Doors and Their Scary-Looking Doorknobs

While living in China for years, the doors at Chinese houses keeps my attention. The door handles – in various sizes, shapes, colors and the superstitions that come with them are fascinating. Most doorknobs are in the shape of a lion or a dragon’s head. I really couldn’t accurately identify

Pelee Island – Where Canada Begins

Pelee Island is a secret destination waiting to be explored, discovered and conquered by those who love country life, wineries, island / beach life, nature and biking. The southernmost part of the island is where Canada begins. Literally, it’s the very southernmost part of the Great White North. Thus, Pelee

Hiram Walker and Sons – Canadian Club Whisky Tour

In this Canadian Club Whisky Tour (Hiram Walker and Sons), I learned that Canada is South of the Border. We are so used to believe that the US is South of Canada but, definitely not in Windsor. Our tour guide said that this is due to the shape of Detroit

Windsor and Detroit – A Tale of Two Cities

In a short visit, I have no tales to tell about these cities. But I have some photos to show. I’ve been to Windsor but I’ve never been to the city across it, Detroit, a US city known in its heydays as an industrial city that once synonymous to automobiles.

Things to do in Brunei – A Country of No Fun?

(I asked an Aussie friend, Jonathan, to be a guest blogger and write about Things To Do In Brunei where he lived and worked there as a teacher in a local school. We used to work together in Beijing before he moved there. Read on his experiences and find out

$1-Food Challenge in Asia

Food is an essential fuel when traveling. Without it, you’ll end up like a car whose engine is nothing but crap. And dead. However, when you’re backpacking / traveling, your gastronomic sense is in full mode—you want to try the local food for the love of it, for the experience of

Toronto Pride Parade 2013 Video

I took a total of 700+ photos during the Toronto Pride Parade 2013 yesterday and cut them down to 251 photos. The ones deleted were of poor taste and quality. And I’m still planning to delete some of them, of course. I’ll try to trim them down to 100 good,

Smokey Robinson Charms Toronto Jazz Festival Fans

Smokey Robinson Charms Toronto Jazz Festival 2013 Smokey Robinson is smokin’ hotness of pure talent and total performance that will blow you away. He’s a charmer gifted with an ability to take every wife and girlfriend away from their husband and boyfriend. Damn, boy, he’s still got that swag of

Martha Reeves and the Crowd at the TD Toronto Jazz Fest

Martha Reeves and the Vandellas at the TD Toronto Jazz Fest 2013 Martha Reeves is one funny Queen of Motown songs. Her natural ability to make her audience laugh without even trying hard endears her to the heart of music lovers. Her unique vocal range can raise the roof like

Gay Bars in Chicago

Chicago’s Boystown is to Toronto’s Gay Village or to San Francisco’s Castro, or to Seoul’s Homo Hill, the epicenter of 10.0 magnitude of queerosity! Just like any other gay areas, Boystown is no different: rainbows everywhere. Bars, restaurants, cafes, boutiques and other shops abound the area between Belmont and Addison/Waveland on

Hockey Hall of Fame

I’ve been living in Toronto for three years now but I never had a chance to visit the Hockey Hall of Fame. Well, I’m not a hockey fan, that’s why. But every late Spring, my facebook status is filled with hockey updates from friends and conversations with my Irish roommate

Beaches in Toronto – Bask in the sun and sand and get a tan!

It’s officially not summer in Toronto yet, but the rising temperature is already upon us. Sweaty foreheads and body parts/pits are starting to smell. It’s my pet peeve I can’t hide my disgust on my face. Yuck! There’s only one thing you should do to cool yourself down before exploding

Chicago Skyline at Night

The wind from Michigan Lake started becoming chilly as I claimed a spot on a concrete bleacher by the lake. Some runners came past me and a few gingerly walked with their furry best friends who seemed to enjoy it.  In twenty minutes, tourists started coming and took their places