5 Most Interesting Places to Visit in Australia

Australia is a lovely place to visit with amazing coral reefs, rainforests and red deserts to explore on the world’s smallest continent and the largest island. Though the very famous Great Barrier Reef and many other national parks and deserts are always found in every traveller’s bucket list, we have curated some of the most interesting and off-beat places one needs to visit when on a trip to Australia.

Glowworm Tunnel

This place is officially called the Metropolitan Tunnel, built in the 1880s owing to the fact that it was once a railroad tunnel. Now, due to being abandoned for so long, it has been overgrown with greenery and you’ll find a collection of bioluminescent bugs at the end. It was closed in 1915, due to the build up of soot and smoke in the space which was potentially dangerous for the train crews and passengers passing through. 

Australia Glowworm Tunnel
Glowworm Tunnel in Australia / Photo credit: Martin Kieppe

The north entrance shut completely due to debris that was building outside. On the inside as well, it was completely clad in a thick veil of rich flora and a pathway full of stagnant water which was later cleared in 1995. But still there was a growth of colony of glow worms that inhabited the roof. Due to their bioluminescence, the inside of the tunnel looks like a constellation of shiny blue-green stars. Truly a magical sight!

Paronella Park

Built in North Queensland by José Paronella in 1926 in a dream to build an estate in a lush green jungle. He planted many trees, a grand staircase, and a grand castle inspired by the Spanish and also installed the oldest hydroelectric dam in North Queensland. There also includes a theater, foyer and refreshment rooms within the castle, a beautiful enchanting fountain built by Paronella.

Australia Paronella Park
Paronella Park in Australia / Photo credit: Pbkwee

The park went through adverse conditions due to which it had to be closed in 1986. But in 1993, the park was purchased by Mark and Judy Evans, and thereafter it was reopened to the public post-renovation. 

The park has won numerous tourism awards and various film shootings have also taken place in this place. Truly worth a visit!

Wave Rock

The Australian’s Wave Rock is the most amazing and stunning rock formation in the world. Made of thousands of years of layering via stone, this actually looks like a massive wave of water was suddenly cursed to become stone. 

It is almost 50 feet high and more than 300 feet long and has been a tourist attraction for decades. The geologists call it a “flared slope” that forms at the base of an inselberg ie. an isolated rock hill or mountain. The formation is actually just one side of the entire hill and the “wave” is just one side of it.

Wave Rock in Australia
Wave Rock in Australia / Photo credit: Allan Lam

There is a stone wall along the top of the wave that guides rainwater to the nearby Hyden Humps Dam. It was built in the 1920s in order to help water to people living in the desert area. After countless erosions and sedimentary activity, there still exists an additional location like the Hippo’s Yawn which is a natural cave and looks like a wide mouth of a giant hippopotamus. 

Redwood Forest Tree Art

Located in East Warburton, these are a huge collection of Californian Redwood trees that are planets neatly in rows as high as 180 feet. It’s like entering a magical kingdom. Sunlight filters through their leaves, illuminating strange portals, and every nest that is scattered throughout the forest. In fact, some of the bird nests are so large, they look like portals into another world. 

This tree art is really fascinating made with twigs and branches. It was planned in 1930 as a part of the revetment plan. Later, the woodland was used by authorities to study hydrology. Years later the work ceased and even then artistic experiments continue to be a part of this place. The work of artist David Digapony is especially enchanting with the weaving of fallen leaves and branches. 

Lake McKenzie 

Located on Fraser Island, this lake has a peculiarity in existing well above the water table and thus consisting of pure rainwater only. It has a unique environment with high levels of acidity, making it unsuitable for nearly all forms of plant and fish life. And without natural waste from the marine environment, it harbors the cleanest water with the sand around Lake McKenzie is pure silica giving the entire beach a shiny white color. 

Lake McKenzi in Australia
Lake McKenzi in Australia / Photo credit: Pbutke

Lake McKenzie

Unfortunately, as there is human interaction with the lake for visits, there have been many human-introduced compounds that have gradually begun polluting the water body and become a growing concern. 

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