2010 Great Wall Rave

Great Wall Beach Party is the most-awaited partay of Beijing hedonists. It’s the rave of the summer—and for five years, summer’s not complete without this party in Beijing! Or, to exaggerate, in China.

Sadly, it’s my first time not to be around in this convention of everything fun: alcohol, dance, boys, girl, teasing, camwhoring, etc…. name it.

Happily, I still have biatches and friends who are there to drink and party in the name of Her Majesty—me. Hahahaha…

Below is an account of this blog entry’s guest author, DINAH, who also maintains a BLOG. This is her second time to be a guest blogger and both involve hard drinking, read: totally wasted.

The photos are a couchsurfer named, Javi. Thanks, JAVI. I’ve never met you but I already love you. :))

REASONS TO BE ENVIOUS: Beach, Great Wall, Party, Techno, Drum and Bass, Alcohol, Bikinis, Delicious Boys, Gorgeous Ladies, Live Feed of the World Cup Qualifying Matches—rolled into one setting. 

To see what happened last year, click HERE.

We’ll take you from ancient to modern China!


Warning: This entry has lots of booze, bikinis, football, and much more! This entry might be dangerous to your health and children. 

The biggest beach rave of the summer finally happened in the Jing. Well, not exactly in the city, for the center of this shenanigan is at Shanhaiguan…a beach side, where the Great Wall of China meets the sea. This beach rave was awarded as 2009 Outstanding Party of the Year!
Just imagine a beach with fine sand which is about three hours away from Beijing, beside the Great Wall, and filled with people from across the globe. Most of the men were shirtless and in shorts and women wear bikinis and skimpy shorts dancing to great techno, house, drum and bass music! Picture that?!

Great Wall Party

Great Wall Party.

Well, need I say more?! This beach rave party at the wall was even more awesome because of the World Cup qualifying matches shown on the huge screen just behind the DJs booth. Where on earth would you find, party people dancing crazily at one side and football fans cheering loudly on the another side, gathered in the same venue?! Ahhmmm, only in China?!
So this whole craziness and madness started at the south gate of Chaoyang Park by 2pm. I was among the 60 couchsurfers who experienced a crazy bus ride from Beijing to Shanhaiguan! Well, if you have 60 people from different nations, who are most likely connected with each other, having different kinds of booze within their reach: beers, bai jius, vodkas, different mixed drinks, and there was even the “bomb”, it was highly expected to happen!
Great Wall Party

Great Wall Party

As far as I remember, we sang a birthday song for Manon in different languages, we drank whatever was given to us by anyone who had a drink, men were laughing, some were dancing (one guy was smart enough to bring a speaker!), men were having guy talks, women were having girl talks, men and women were laughing. Then there was the bus stop that most of us have begged the driver to do because of too much alcohol-slash-water-intake-means-we-badly-needed-to-pee! Heck, it was THE bus to be especially when it took us almost four hours to our destination. And take note, all our drinks were finished before we even got there!

We were among the first buses to arrive and we were quite disappointed though because the party scene was not set up earlier just like it was last year. I think we waited for an hour or more for a DJ to play some techno music to get the party started.

Great Wall Party

Great Wall Party

The party officially kicked off at 10pm. However, as half of the party goers were football enthusiasts, they were more excited to watch the qualifying match between Germany vs Argentina, which the Nazis have won! And the Spain vs Paraguay match which the Espanols won. It was a pretty diverse crowd as one could describe it; dancing crowd at one side and cheering crowd at another side.

Expats and Chinese locals who were in their bikinis, shorts, and summer costumes danced the night away to techno music played by the best DJs like Mickey Zhang, Patrick Yu, and Blackie among others, until the sun came up to mark a brand new day. Literally, half of the crowd made it through the next day because most of us were a) dead tired, b) very drunk, and c) highly disappointed (caused by World Cup results).

Great Wall Party

Great Wall Party

I was back at the comfort of my bed in Beijing by 10am that Sunday morning. Thank goodness the bus ride back to the city was very solemn! My friend “sleep” was with me for awhile longer than usual as I was knackered down with the whole madness caused by the great beach party, with great music, and with great crowd!

But even if this party sounded so great in all aspects, it wasn’t the same without you there, biatch! So feel free to come back whenever you want to join to this fun next year!

We missed you! BIG TIME!

We’ll take you from ancient to modern China!

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